Learn Adavnce Excel /Google sheet Course

Excel or Cloud based Google sheet both are most important tools of the 21st Century .

In this course we teach adavanced techniques with real life business applications.

  • For accounting purpose:

In this course we teach to develope and program excel or Google sheet to generate reports upto balance sheet

  • For Data Analytics purpose:

In this course we teach how you can query and do data analysis to generate useful reports

Social Media Marketing Setup with training

In this course we will setup social media marketing purpose setup for you or your organization.

Basic IT Operations & Functionality

  1. Basic laptop/desktop functionality and uses
  2. Understanding different files like Pictures,Sound, Video and basic editing functions for pictures to reduce size and editing the pictures..
  3. Understanding basic gmail functionality.
  4. Using usb drive to copy and backup your data on cloud
  5. Understanding basic functionality of Mobile phone, Laptop and cloud computing
  6. Writing your notes ,article on mobile phone, laptop and sharing techniques
  7. Understanding Google translate/Indic to write in your own language like Marathi/Hindi etc
  8. Backup your contact on mobile and gmail
  9. Understanding basic blogging functionality
  10. Create your own simple blog

Intermediate IT Skill Fees

  1. Basic MS Office (word,Excel,Powerpoint ppt)
  2. Basic Google Cloud Apps ( Google doc, Sheet, Slides ppt)
  3. Blogging vs website
  4. Understanding domain name and business email
  5. Understanding basic digital marketing
  6. Understanding business applications CRM applications , ERP applications & Mobile Apps
  7. Developing simple application using Google sheet
  8. Developing interactive blog website with understanding basic HTML & google cloud objects
  9. Understanding Google Analytics & Digital Marketing
  10. Create your own google site and learn the basic functionality

Advanced IT Skills using Cloud Apps

  1. Developing a complete cloud based system for your business using google sheet (Options : Accounting System or Pre/ sales management system

2. Using and understanding existing Cloud CRM system (Options Bitrix, Zoho or your choice)

Duration for each course : 3 sessions of 2Hrs each . After 1st session you can access our online training material & videos free of cost.

Special IT Skill training course for Rotary President Elect & IT officer (2019-20)

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