We provide Smart Solutions and Services for Housing Society

ITSOL Solution for Housing society Accounting and web reporting and management

  • Receipt , Payment and journal voucher entry with printing.
  • Bulk Billing Voucher posting system . All entries will be posted without entering every entry manually
  • Rented flat can be marked in Society master.
  • Intranet website will be developed to view reports online for management committee.
  • Additional billing fields can be managed easily.
  • Rented flat list, outstanding list
  • TDS report
  • FD - Fixed Deposit Report
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Current and Old Meeting MOM ( Committee can view old MOM and write and manage current year mom
  • Contact form for payment information, clubhouse booking,Complaints, Suggestions which Committee can view on intranet.
  • Website for members to view published Demand and outstanding list and contact form.

Tally Data uploading Interface Services

  1. All vouchers entered in our system can be exported and made available to upload directly into existing Legacy system provided your legacy system is configured for it.
  2. You can upload data directly in Tally if Tally is configured for it..

Mobile App for society and committee members

  1. Member will have to download and install SNB Society Notebook mobile app
  2. Member can pay through mobile app
  3. Member can view their balance on mobile.
  4. Facility booking on mobile
  5. Lease and document management
  6. Income and Expenses tracking on mobile
  7. Approval and Governance facility on mobile.

we also conduct Digital Literacy workshop and Seminar

for Society members or Committee members

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