We provide Smart Solutions and Services for Housing Society

SRM- Society Relationship Management

Complete solution for Housing society

Why us?

1.We provide a Google cloud based Financial and Society Management Solution . So data and reports are available from anytime anywhere to committee members.

2.Member outstanding is uptodate anytime and can be available from anytime anywhere to society members online on mobile or on laptop.

3. Simple google cloud based solution hence setup , customization is easy

4. If required for audit we can Export data from our system and import it to Tally or your existing legacy system, provided your Legacy system should allow the data import with standard xml format.

5. If required we can provide Gate security system solution for e-intercom, visitor management, Vehicle management, etc.

6. We provide google cloud training to your members & staff as well.

Financial reports

  • Member Outstanding
  • Emailing account statement to member
  • Monthly Interest calculation
  • TDS reporting
  • FD reporting system
  • Tenant reporting system

Management report

  • Online Request/Complaint/ registration form
  • MOM maintaining system
  • Data is on cloud so committee member can view the data and reply from remote location.
  • All data is in cloud so no need to maintain Computer at society office.
  • We can provide printing solutions with additional actual charges so no need to maintain your own printer
  • We take care of audit support
  • We upload reports to Government web portal for Housing society
If you have a data entry resource at your office with computer and printer we will provide you the training @ Rs 5000 per user  and 50% discount on above cost for our Cloud solution with all customization support as per your requirement. 

Sanjeev Chaudhary

Sample Ledger Report


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