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We would like to inform you that  we provide Professional back office Accounting Process Outsourcing services. So for that we are sending you quotation for the below mentioned services.

I. Professional Services for back office Accounting Process Outsourcing services:

   Quotation Rs. 20  per flat per month (Minimum flat 150 and above)

1. We will ensure that there are invoices/vouchers/supporting for every possible

financial transaction and the same is arranged in uniform pattern for future


2. Ensuring that all financial transactions are duly approved by concerned authorities

and are recorded in accounting software (Tally ERP9) well in time.

3. Bank Reconciliation on monthly basis.

4. Accounting of expenses and revenues.

5. Closure of accounts with all provisions and period end entries on monthly basis.

6. Incorporation of various adjustment / audit entries, if any suggested by any Auditor.

II. Intranet website Rs. 8000/-  on google cloud for 1st  3 months with data setup

and Rs. 5/- per flat per month for maintenance and updates.

  1. Display Noticeboard

  2. Display outstanding list

  3. Clubhouse Booking, Renovation Request and online Complaint  Registration forms

  4. Online payment and Notification form

III. Manpower Deputation:  Part Time / Full Time

1. One qualified trained staff  will be deputed for review accounting and data maintenance and entry .  Part time / full time depending on the workload..

2. If required  CA service will be provided for internal audit

Our Suggestion: Please implement this option to help employment generation for needy people of India. We take extra efforts to train such needy Boys/Girls.


1. Above costs are only for the activities stated above and I & II are compulsory. In case any additional compliance comes up, we will send you a separate proposal for the same.

2. GST will be charged separately at prevailing rates (18% at present, If applicable)

3. This Quotation is valid only for the housing societies in Pune

You can confirm this by email  or by submitting work order form on our website.  

Thanking you

(Sanjeev Chaudhary)

9422317539   cc.